Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi Gang.

Sorry about the in-action on the blog, but a heart attack in December slowed me down a little bit. But I am back in action, and will be getting this project back under way so that the kit can be released in October 2012.
The mind is a lot clearer now that blood is flowing to the brain at a much stronger rate, and better ways of doing things are becoming more apparent.
I hope to be able to make the building of this kit a much more pleasant experience, and an experience that will make the modeller want more kits of this type.
As stated at the Aus7 O Scale Forum on 24th March 2012 at North Sydney, I have promised that those modellers who have stayed with me in this endeavor, can be assured that the project will be released in October and if it is not, their $200.00 deposit will be taken of the price of the kit when it is released.


Can't wait to get this project onto the market place.

So the good news starts now, with simple projects such as :
*          Marker lamps and headlights being designed so that they can easily be illuminated, with LED's or fiber optics (Your choice).
*          Components being bolted to the frames rather than soldered or glued (hence allowing for simple repairs and /or replacement if damaged)
*          Simple 8 pin plug included, with suggestions for DCC operations and sound options (DCC Ready)

*          Pre-planned location for speakers, including which type of speaker, and speaker enclosure, so that the most optimum sound and operation can be achieved.
*          Options for cowcatchers and headlight types to minimize costs in the basic kit (after market options)

*          Operating brakes, so that when the brake shoes wear out , you will need to buy more replacements form me.(OK, OK, that may be a littler over the top, but when the mind starts working, it is hard to stop).

 Graphic of the drive rod boss 

Wheel arrangement with rods

Graphic of the motor gearbox arrangement 
Graphic of the air tank masters, the rectangular holes are for the captive nuts, allowing the units to be bolted to the frames. ----To be Prototyped 

 Graphic of the Clack Valve masters, ---To be Prototyped 

Any how, enough of the talk, back to doing some solid work on the parts, thanks for your patience and looking forward to any comments or ideas, and more regular updates of this Blogg

Regards and Happy Modelling