Sunday, October 30, 2011

For all of those modellers who have paid a deposit for the Z20 Class loco kit, thanks you for your patience and solidarity, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light will be shining on 31st March 2011 at the 7mm Forum at North Sydney Leagues Club.

For those who may be interested in a NSWGR Z20 Class Steam Locomotive Kit in 7mm. The kit is based on the Z20 A/E as built at Eveleigh.Living at Picton and having 2029 at Thirlmere can certainly make things a little easier when needing to compare drawings to the real deal.

You can secure one of the price of $999.00, up until the release date by sending a deposit of $200.00, to

Keiran Ryan Models
39 Coachwood Cres
Picton NSW

After the release date the price will increase.

The following is a list of components and materials they will be supplied in

·         Etched brass frames (tabbed- not folded)( 0.5mm)
·         Etched brass outriggers (footplate support)
·         Etched brass footplate
·         Etched brass smoke box cover and wrap
·         Etch brass boiler wrap
·         Etched brass firebox wrap
·         Etched brass water tank wraps
·         Etched brass bunker wraps
·         Etched brass cabin
·         Etched brass  front and rear pony components
·         Etched brass marker lamp supports

The following components will be cast as masters using the rapid prototyping method.

·         Smoke box, boiler and firebox substructure (ABS Plastic)
·         Water tank substructures (ABS Plastic)
·         Bunker substructure (ABS Plastic)
·         Buffer plates
·         Smoke box door and hinges
·         Front cover plate
·         Front sandboxes
·         Wheel guards
·         Compressor
·         Dryer
·         Headlight- large
·         Headlight- small
·         Marker Lamps
·         Electrical junction boxes
·         Clack valves
·         Smoke stack (funnel)
·         Boiler valves
·         Steam Valves
·         Brake levers, supports and shoes
·         Front sandboxes
·         Rear sandboxes
·         Wheel guards
·         Steam Dome
·         Safety valve
·         Generator
·         5 chime whistle
·         Pee whistle
·         Back head
·         Back head details
·         Regulator
·         Firebox door and components
·         Gauges
·         Lubricator
·         Handbrake
·         Reverser
·         Water fillers
·         Tool Boxes
·         Steps
·         Front pony details
·         Rear pony details
·         Brake master cylinder
·         Brake rigging/handbrake rigging
·         Springs

No doubt there has been something omitted from this list but be assured the kit will be complete, with nuts and bolts to do the job, as well as nut and bolt detail where required. The kit will be designed to make construction as easy as possible, and all instructions will be in the form of a CD with colour coded instruction similar to that of the 7mm signal kit and the KRM silo kits.
The instructions will be published on Keiran Ryan Models web site prior to the kit being released.

I will be releasing drawings of components as they are finished, so that you  can see that we are getting closer to the finished kit.

Now back to work with the kit development.
Keiran Ryan

Welcome to my 7mm NSWGR Z20 Class Locomotive Blog


This blog has been set up, to keep modellers informed as to the progress of the NSWGR Z20 Class Locomotive Kit, in 7mm Scale.
The kit has been a long time in the making and is now getting closer to being realised. For those who have had deposits on the kit, thank you for you patience and solidarity, through this design and development process, and I will be attempting to make the wait very worth while.